Python Training In Kochi

The prospect of learning to code can be daunting for many people. But with this all new recently updated Python programming course, Especially designed for beginners. you’ll soon gain the skills necessary to use this easy-when-you-how-know code across a wide and exciting range of platforms. Python is widely regarded as one of the most versatile and accessible programming languages available today, and it’s the favoured program of household names like Google, Pinterest and Instagram, meaning not only is it simpler than other programs, it’s at the forefront of the cutting edge coding world.

What you'll learn

  • Whether you’re fluent in other program languages or you’ve never written so much as a line of code in your life, this course will quickly get you up to speed in Python Programming.
  • Create a website from scratch using Django
  • Learn Django from beginner through to fully functional levels
  • Build authentication systems, map integration, web services and more
  • Test and de-bug site
  • Create web applications to solve a multitude of problems and needs