Infyacademy gives importance to personal and professional development skills in corporate terminology.We help mentor the students to address important aspects involving difficult-to-teach subjects such as time management and cultural sensitivity ,to Communicate across all levels of your organization thus improving engagement levels across your organization , Improve leadership skills,Enhance communication, thus improving engagement levels across your organization.The training imparts on and concentrates on application areas including Leadership,Communication skills,Listening skills,Logical thinking.

Who Needs Soft-Skills Training?

Nearly every employee needs some level of training to perform their job, develop competencies, or understand the risks and/or regulations of their work environment.Infyacademy gives the trainees Some of the essential skills a professional could look into including.

Communication Skills - Verbal, Non- verbal (body Language), Interpersonal - One needs to know the accurate way to approach and interact with colleagues, juniors and seniors. Simultaneously, it is also very important to carry the right body language as what you say and what you express via your body language may not tally!.

English and Business Communication - It goes without saying that English has become a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to excel - after all it is an international language and knowing it can only be advantageous.

Time Management - All of us work hard, but all of us also hope that there were more than 24 hours with which the day had been made. Amazingly there are people who are able to do all and more within these very 24 hours. So, learning time-management is a must!

Anger Management - Shouting at every cross-road has almost become the order of the day. How many of us are able to contain our anger, and channelise it fruitfully? If the art of managing anger were more common, there would be less hyper-tension and other related problems.

Telephonic Etiquette -Telephone has become one of the most abused machines, what with the onslaught of limited telephone etiquette and poor communication. Team Building and Leadership -Everyone has to work with the other in co-ordination and coherence. To learn this, and understand the benefits of team and team spirit learning, the essentials of team building are necessary.

Social and Business Etiquette -Meeting people, greeting them, being polite, bidding them goodbye are all a part of an individual's personality, so very crucial that they become instrumental in success or failure.

Table Manners - If we have not learnt as children then it's high time we do so now.

Presentation Skills -Making presentations, using audio-visual aids and facing the audience with confidence and aplomb are a part of presentation skills.